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 Cartel vs |WM| 5-5 Draw [Main Stage]

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Cartel vs |WM| 5-5 Draw [Main Stage] Empty
PostSubject: Cartel vs |WM| 5-5 Draw [Main Stage]   Cartel vs |WM| 5-5 Draw [Main Stage] EmptyThu Jun 29, 2017 8:20 am

»Cartel« : valeRa(Burak), Sun, Storm, Real_Force & Esjonne
|WM|: Rugi, Swed, Bravo, HowlinPelle, Michal, Linux, 4life & EmoPig

Maps: Northside (2-2), Fairfax (3-3)
Overall: 5-5 (With 2 ties)

Match Link well

It was though and well-qualified game. I think we deserved to win but again the vip kills from our side didnt let us to win. Its really good to play against strong teams like WM and qR. You cant predict the score before the game and matches are always tense. Looking forward to play some games like these..
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Cartel vs |WM| 5-5 Draw [Main Stage]
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