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 Cartel vs {|4U|} 7-1 Won [Main Phase]

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Cartel vs {|4U|} 7-1 Won [Main Phase] Empty
PostSubject: Cartel vs {|4U|} 7-1 Won [Main Phase]   Cartel vs {|4U|} 7-1 Won [Main Phase] EmptyThu Jun 29, 2017 8:27 am

Maps: Brewer(2:0 and 4 ties) , Northside(5-1)

Match Link

Could be better match but never mind. It was the last game of main phaise. We finished this stage as 1st. Winner of yPB vs MYT match will be our opponent in the semi final. GG for both sides.
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Cartel vs {|4U|} 7-1 Won [Main Phase]
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