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 Tournament System (OLD)

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Tournament System (OLD) Empty
PostSubject: Tournament System (OLD)   Tournament System (OLD) EmptyFri Nov 17, 2017 2:24 pm

Hey guys. The tournament system has been decided.

First of all, we will have 2 groups at the beginning. Teams will be seperated to these groups as a result of a random draw. Then, in this group stage, every team will face eachother. When the group matches are completed, the teams that ranked 1st, 2nd and 3rd in their own groups will be advanced to the next stage. In this stage(play offs);

1st ranked team of GROUP A will face 3rd ranked team of GROUP B,
2nd ranked team of GROUP A will face 2nd ranked team of GROUP B,
3rd ranked team of GROUP A will face 1st ranked team of GROUP B.

After that, we will have 3 winners from the play-offs advancing into a final group of 3 teams. These 3 teams will play against each other once and finally, the top 2 teams with the highest points will advance and play the GRAND FINAL to decide the crown of the title.

Point System in Group Stages:

-Winners in any of these matches receive 3 POINTS.
-In case of a draw, teams share 2 POINTS.
-Losers in any of these matches receive 1 POINT.

**The fixture will be determined after the group draw randomly.
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Tournament System (OLD)
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