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 Fnatic vs eT | 6-2

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PostSubject: Fnatic vs eT | 6-2   Thu Dec 28, 2017 8:51 pm

Fnatic Team: MEYRA, Bravo, Sinaas, Svetlana, Storm, Mig

eT Team: Electron, Zimmer, Salman, GG, Greeb

Match note: We couldn't find a referee for an hour so I recorded the whole match and after re-watching it, it was found eT made an illegal window kill on library but this didn't affect the score as it is not important at this stage (PLEASE DO NOT REPEAT!) . Other than this it was all good and smooth, thanks to participants.

Match Score: 6-2

Maps: A-bomb , Tenement, Red Library, Hospital

Total Kills: Fnatic (240) - eT (109)

Highest K/D Ratio: Storm (2,77), Mig (2,33)

Top killers: MEYRA (68), Mig (49)

Screens (click to enlarge):

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Fnatic vs eT | 6-2
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