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 gRR vs SoH | 7-1

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PostSubject: gRR vs SoH | 7-1   Sat Dec 30, 2017 7:18 pm

gRR Team: Keyser, Gumias, Jay, Striker, Showww

SoH Team: Hot, Apple, Droid, Venky, SamSam

Match note: First 2 maps 5v5 and then due to technical problems resumed 4v4. An illegal spawn kill in FW resulted in SoH victory in 3rd round. Some screens are missing, but i made notes of kills/deaths/scores on a piece of paper after each round. Thanks to gRR and SoH for not causing troubles and playing their matches.

Match Score: 7-1

Maps: Brewer Courthouse, Red Library, Foodwall, Wolcott Projects

Total Kills: gRR(240) - SoH(140)

Highest K/D Ratio: Jay (2,33), Keyser (2,18)

Top killers in gRR: Jay (70), Showww (49) and Top killers in SoH: Hot (45), SamSam (36)

Screens (click to enlarge):

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PostSubject: Re: gRR vs SoH | 7-1   Sat Dec 30, 2017 8:21 pm

Hallelujah, finally I got to play a match in the tournament. Thanks for my gRR pussy team cheers cheers
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gRR vs SoH | 7-1
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