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 Fnat1C| vs qR| ~ 4-4 The Grand FINAL

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PostSubject: Fnat1C| vs qR| ~ 4-4 The Grand FINAL   Fri Mar 09, 2018 11:33 am

Fnatic: BRAVO, MEYRA (tuce), Mig, Swedish, VaLera (gaye), Cub, 12^

qR: Tommy, Unna, Bummy, Michal, Linux

Match Score: 4-4

Maps: DNA (0-2 qR) & Foodwall (2-0 qR) , Riverside Training (2-0 fnatic) & Wolcott Projects (0-2 fnatic)

Total Kills: Fnatic (315) - qR (290)

Top killers: MEYRA (67), tommy (67)

Match note: Fnatic managed to come back from 4-0 down to 4-4. Game ended as a tie 4-4 after 2 of qR members left server and we couldn't decide the winner. Waiting for the organizer decision

Screens (click to enlarge):

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»Cartel« Admin
»Cartel« Admin

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PostSubject: Re: Fnat1C| vs qR| ~ 4-4 The Grand FINAL   Sun Mar 11, 2018 10:07 pm

gg, just read this all and the other locked topic now. good to see Bravo showing his qualities esp in Riverside Smile Berk's increased multi-mode ability as well. Migu winning another RD event Very Happy no-one comes close to his achievements in this mode, even if he is a lil old now Razz well done to qR as well, the early matches show they deserved this tourney but i guess with any final, it comes down to whatever happens on the day. Definitely strange to see the "you're shit at battlefield if you return to swat" fella winning something, but I guess he will now always be 1-0 over his polak buddy. Meanwhile, well-paid players who failed miserably with a legendary team now cannot win outright when joining an outstanding modern-day team Shocked nevermind, there are queens to satisfy.

tourney was fked up, no doubt. but hard to achieve much more with the way swat has been over the past few years. perhaps it will increase the respect of previous events held during this period. anyway, see you around.
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Fnat1C| vs qR| ~ 4-4 The Grand FINAL
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