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 Cartel vs qR| 3-5 Lost [Final League]

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Cartel vs qR| 3-5 Lost [Final League] Empty
PostSubject: Cartel vs qR| 3-5 Lost [Final League]   Cartel vs qR| 3-5 Lost [Final League] EmptyTue Feb 13, 2018 7:41 am

bravo wrote:
qR: Tommy, Unn, Bummy, Michal, Linux

Cartel: ValeRa, Ihsan, Sun, Cem, eS

Maps: qR: Qwick(1-1), WP(1-1) ,Cartel: Hospital(2-0) , Red Library(1-1)

2 rounds were awarded to Cartel for illegal spawn rape. 1st was in Qwick, 2nd in WP

Total Kills: qRage (227) - Cartel(153)

Top killers in qRage: Bummy (65), Unna (55) and  Top killers in Cartel: ValeRa (39), Sun (32)

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Cartel vs qR| 3-5 Lost [Final League]
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